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tv   WLWT News 5 at Noon  NBC  January 28, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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it only takes a second for an everyday item to become dangerous always keep laundry pacs away from children. keep them closed. keep them up. keep them safe. a message from tide [captioning made possible by wlwt-tv] >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 at noon. mark: right now on news 5 at noon, choosing to neighborhoods to revamp. where the program is headed this year. first, a deadly crash investigation after a man is killed and his daughter injured after being hit by a metro bus. first, breaking news into our new zero.
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that means layoffs for engineers. in a statement the company says significant efforts has been made to move as many engineers as possible to other positions in other ge businesses. ge aviation has offered voluntary early retirement to several hundred eligible engineers. two or other top story, a father dead and a daughter injured, and a metro bus driver badly shaken by tragedy last evening. it was a corner that is generally safe. it happened in hyde park square. that is where john london has the latest. good afternoon. john: police say the bus driver displayed no outward sign of impairment. speed. he was on his usual route, turning left from edwards onto
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as they crossed in the crosswalk. 8:20, frank and his daughter emily were going back to her car after dinner as the bus wheeled ease onto hyde park square, striking both and killing the father. a clear night, no obstructed police know of. regarded as pedestrian friendly and clearly marked signs. they are examining video from the bus. they do not know if the driver, 10-years with metro, was distracted. >> that is probably the main factor -- was the driver in attention? where' s there -- was there something that took his attention from the roadway? was there something the pedestrians could have seen and didn' t?
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john: the 50 seven-year-old bus driver voluntarily gave a blood sample to the police. it will be analyzed before any culpability. the driver was badly shaken by the experience and taken to the hospital as a precaution. in hyde park square, john police are interviewing witnesses. mark: anyone with information should call with their account. in florence, a person and a wheelchair was hit by a car just before 7:00 this morning on us-42 nears ewing boulevard. we are still working to learn the victim' s condition. a check on your forecast. wlwt news 5 meteorologist randi rico is here with a closer look. randi: over downtown, that is sunshine.
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that is why our temperatures stayed cold. with the sun on our side, we are on her way into the 40' s. 40 at cvg, hamilton, and harrington. at 2:00, sunny and 42. the clouds roll in for the evening commute. a couple of light rain showers followed by flurries this evening that will continue into the night. our temperatures will be as warm tomorrow, but there is a warm-up for the weekend. we will look at where the roller coaster weather will take us. communities will be a part of the neighborhood enhancement program, which focuses on with polite and cutting down on crime. dan, good afternoon. dan: the 21st and 22nd
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the goal is to revitalize these neighborhoods and give them a chance to grow. mount auburn and lower-priced oh, according to community start in march. . the neighborhood enhancement program has been active in other . they are concentrating on welding code enforcement, crime hotspots, beautifying streets and landscapes. for those who live in the communities, it is not only an investment, it is a chance to families. >> we have issues just like any other neighborhood. we have fought the issues and like a booming success. >> it is abandoned. we would like to have families moved in for a revitalization of
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dan: city leaders say these projects have revitalized parks and communities. last year there was $200,000 raised to help and not project. you can bet these communities hope they can see that kind of money as well. in mount auburn, dan griffin, wlwt news 5 . mark: community leaders say work in their neighborhoods will take seven months or eight months. if he will like to volunteer or make a donation contact the local council. an early morning apartment fire place to stay. it broke out before 7:00 in the 52 hundred block of beechmont avenue in mount washington. damage is estimated at dollars. a cause is yet to be determined. responding to a water main break that has several homes under boil advisories. the
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the intersection of kyles station road and yankee road. it will be closed until crews could make repairs. cincinnati police are investigating a stabbing in winton terrace appeared at van was stabbed in the chest at 3:00 this morning at a party. he was dropped off at the mercy health hospital. he was taken to uc medical. no word on his condition or any arrests. the safety director of thomas more college is indicted on 36 counts of possessing child for an marshall was indicted by a kenton county grand jury on wednesday. it was linked to material wound on his home computer in covington. there is no evidence that he had pornographic material at the school. the investigation started in january of 2014 after a complaint that he used -- after
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filed a complaint. to erase files, why it was so hard to find. >> when digital data is wiped harder for us. kenton county jail on a $25,000 monday. he will remain on administrative leave. a 14-year-old facing serious jail time after he is found guilty of raping another it started in september. a teenager threw a party while a mother was out of town. there was marijuana and oklahoma. a girl that was too drunk to walk or stand was right. -- was raped. >> everyone knew she was intoxicated. couldn' speak. he engaged in sexual conduct
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mark: the 14-year-old will be sentenced this coming wednesday. hamilton police have a suspect in custody after a deadly shooting outside of the hamilton bar. mcdonald was charged with murder. two weeks ago robert goings was killed outside the hard times bar. a second person was injured but refused medical attention. a cincinnati police officer indicted on a felony theft charge. officer joseph simpson was working at an off-duty restaurant detail. he has been suspended without pay pending the outcome of the investigation. an investigation into the colerain township trustee race last year. as special prosecutor has been hired to investigate improprieties. 19 complaints were received from neighbors saying also
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senators are lobbying their colleagues for help and bunny to during a senate judiciary committee. those testifying are asking for funding . rob portman from ohio testified, talking about what needs to be done to battle this growing problem. >> prevention, law-enforcement strategies, expanding evidence-based treatment for those in recovery, the legislation is comprehensive and will help communities with all of these enhancements. we need them all. mark: deaths involving opioid pain relievers has decreased since 1999 and heroin deaths have increased fivefold. city leaders looking at our response to the water crisis in flint, michigan. the mayor, the manager, and the
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got together to make sure the public gets the facts. cincinnati waterworks says although current treatment procedures minimize lead the lines, they pose a risk. councilman smitherman once water is safe. time to talk baseball in january. the reds are kicking off the annual reds caravan. the buses left at 9:00 a.m. the reds caravan will cover more than 3300 miles and stop in five states. fans can make the reds coaches, broadcasters, and players. tonight, the republican contenders go head-to-head in their final debate before the iowa caucuses. has donald trump changed his mind about skipping out? president obama taking steps to keep one of his promises from his final state of the union.
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randi: we started in the 20' s. many towns are headed toward 40 you can see milford' s 38. covington is 30 six. our temperatures will sky rocket s.
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and comfortable, organized bed and bathrooms that make them better. mark: good afternoon. the republican presidential candidates face off one more time before the iowa caucuses. the eight candidates leading the polls have been invited to participate in the primetime debate. donald trump is invited, but says he will not do their -- will not be there, citing problems with one of the moderators, megyn kelly. ohio governor john kasich is third in the granite state. a poll of likely voters puts him at 11%, tied with marco rubio. ted cruz has 12%. donald trump has 31%. the new hampshire primary will
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the president will sign a presidential memorandum to create a white house task force cancer. lead the panel. he said there would be more -- cure cancer. it will meet on monday. honoring a soldier who died in afghanistan in 2012. the stretch between-71 and state route 38 will be named after the it will be called sergeant first class bobby lee estle memorial highway. he died 10 days in combat 10 days before -- he died 10 days before he was set to come home from combat. an organization dedicated to veterans coming under fire. reports raising red flags on how the wounded warrior project
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the organization was investigated, and conclusions were similar. the wounded warrior project is using half of its donations and salaries or events. similar charities dedicate 90% of their budgets to veterans. the ceo stephen -- the ceo said he is trying to treat employees well. fit bid is hit with a lawsuit alleging fraud. the heart rate monitors do not accurately manage your heart rate. after the lawsuit, consumer were accurate as long as you follow directions. suing devry university for misleading students about job prospects after graduation.
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the ads used statistics in 1998 said that 98% found jobs in graduation. devry says it will be vigorously contested. hawaii has recovered its position as the state with the the gallup and healthways state rankings report based its rankings according to physical, community, purpose, and financial well-being. they had the highest physical for other categories. . west virginia had the lowest year in a row. americans consider their lives to be better in 2015 than in s certified most accurate forecast. randi: alaska and hawaii. it seems like our weather goes
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cold extremes every one term. our winter weather roller coaster continues over the next week or so. s, on the warmer side. we will death down tomorrow and climb again through the weekend down tomorrow and climb again through the weekend into next week. s with thunderstorms. they are skies across greater cincinnati. the clouds have cleared out, but they will roll back in toward the evening commute. enjoy the sunshine and let temperatures warm up into the s. today the clouds broke, and we will enjoy the more mild air. 40 degrees with the wind out of the southwest. the southwesterly wind is pumping up the temperatures. it feels closer to 30 thanks to the breeze, but with the
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at 5:00, the clouds thicken up . right around 43. into the evening, rain showers move in. around 8:00 or so, we will switch from light rain showers to flurries, lingering into early tomorrow morning. only flurries, nothing too big. dusting on colder surfaces. i don' t expect big issues. clouds working into the northern communities, and not far behind the rain showers toward dayton. expect to see light scattered showers rolling through downtown county. toward 8:00, the rain showers switch over to flurries. you' ll notice, it was raining
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outside later and see flurries. when the sun comes up, the flurries should be on the way out. sunshine tomorrow. the system tonight is a weak cold front, so our temperatures don' t go steadily up, but we get there. for those of you participating in the frozen 5k, it is good. a mixture of clouds and sunshine with showers after sunset. flurries as we dip down to 26. 39 for a high tomorrow, where we are supposed to be for the end of january. 50' s. next week, temperatures may hit the 60' s on tuesday or your better bet to get outside will light, scattered rain on monday.
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dropped. wednesday, we are into the 30' s. mark: praises of cincinnati are being sung. what an actor is saying about the queen city, and why he could soon be a resident. the delorean could be zipping by you on okay birth plan. top of the brown box. aromatherapy. lotion. woo. grey basket bottom right. you are so organized. and the selfie stick. t give me that look... life is packing for an early delivery, and an ikea closet
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ah, excuse me? mr. jones? hi. already? you booked an appointment. i just started cookin. we at time warner cable need to apologize to you. yet. we no longer give you an excuse tan. starting to even it out. we're making a bunch of changes at time warner cable. windows. we'll also tell you how long our visit will take
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it only takes a second for an everyday item to become dangerous always keep laundry pacs away from children. keep them closed. keep them up. keep them safe. a message from tide okay birth plan. top of the brown box. alright got it! aromatherapy. lotion. woo. grey basket bottom right. you are so organized. and the selfie stick. yeah don' t give me that look... life is packing for an early delivery,
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s always ready. mark: the delorean, made famous by the "back to the future" movies has not been made for three decades. production. company has read her benched the lorient' s. they are now ready to manufacture new models. the company will change the appearance of the car -- is not planning to change the appearance of the car. the prize tack will be close to $100,000. a white act there has been cast to play an african-american pop star. joseph fiennes will play michael
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elizabeth taylor and marlon brando. it is not clear if the road trip ever happened, but in a 2011 interview, one of michael jackson' s former employees insisted that it did. a great start for leonardo dicaprio. he met with pope francis at the vatican. saving the environment. the pontiff gave leonardo a book renaissance painter. when he left, leonardo kissed his ring and in italian name tim for meeting with him. in an film festival, emilio estevez said he would like to live in over-the-rhine.
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longshot" here. he says cincinnati is a magical place. you can watch the interview on that would be cool if you moved here. will he bring the rest of the docs? -- the ducks? randi: 40, breezy, and sunny. the evening hours will have rain showers moving in, changing over
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